Tampa Man Arrested for Calling 911 More than 1,200 Times Since December Article

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was baffled to receive 1,200 calls from the same unregistered cell phone number since December 2012.

The calls averaged to about 27 calls per day.

Authorities responded to several of these calls, sometimes dispatching K-9 deputies and air service, but were unable to find the source of the calls.

The caller, a male, sometimes babbled endlessly.  Other times the line was quiet and the caller eventually hung up.

Authorities used a GPS to locate a general area of the caller, which was around Tampa East and Massaro Boulevard.

After an undercover surveillance operation, they were able to arrest Jason Michael Honaker, 38, who admitted to making the 911 calls.  He has been charged seven felony counts of false 911 calls.


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