Spring Breaker Pees on Cop’s Lunch Article

Spring Breakers usually make stupid decisions. Chris Brennan was no exception. The 18-year-old spring breaker was arrested for urinating in a police car.

The Lee County officer was responding to a report of a rowdy group of individuals smashing bottles at the Pink Shell Resort on Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers, FL. He found three people causing a ruckus at the scene. He then secured Brennan in his patrol car for safety purposes while he interviewed his other two friends.

Brennan started yelling and flailing about in the back of the car while hitting his head against the window.  The officer told Brennan to stop, to which Brennan responded, “I will piss in your car.”

Brennan kept his word and urinated through the screen cage and splashed on the officer’s cell phone, lunch bag, water bottles, and other personal belongings.

Brennan was charged for resisting an officer without violence and held at Lee County jail.

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