Mother Punches Another Woman for Calling Her Son a “Bully” Article

There was more than a children’s playground fight at a middle school in Ohio when a mother punched another woman for calling her son a bully.

Witness accounts say that Connie Edmiston, 42, approached the other woman’s car and ordered her to come out. When the other woman rolled down her window, Edmiston lunged into the car and punched her repeatedly in the face.  Edmiston was reportedly shouting about “calling her son a bully.”  She then got into her own truck and drove away.

Another parent followed Edmiston to get her plate numbers and called 911.

The incident happened at 2:55pm dismissal time in full view of other parents and children. Edmiston’s 13-year old son was also with her when the attack happened.

The victim told Brunswick police that she had reprimanded Edmiston’s son earlier in the school year for bullying other students.  She was taken to Southwest General Hospital for treatment because she suffers from multiple sclerosis and a blow to the head could be life-threatening.

Edmiston denied the allegations and said that the other woman spat in her face.  She has been arrested and charged with assault.

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