Mother Arrested After Cruise for a Warrant from 22 Years Ago Article

A family vacation ended in a nightmare when police arrested the mother for a 22-year-old warrant.

Robin Hall, her husband, and two children were disembarking from a Disney Dream Cruise ship in Port Canaveral, Florida, when police met them and arrested Hall for failing to pay an $85 court fee back in 1991 when she stole a pack of cigarettes.

Hall admitted to the shoplifting, a mistake that she has regretted.  She states that she has since cleaned up her act. She now works as a jet designer for Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer in Connecticut.

Reports say that police found her by checking the cruise ship’s manifest for potential terrorists.

Hall was brought to Brevard County Jail awaiting to be transferred to Orange County, where the crime was committed and where she can post bail.

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