Man Lied About Wife and Kids in Pizza Robbery Sob Story Article

A man who tried to rob a pizzeria collapsed into tears saying he needed the money for his wife and kids. His tearful reluctance earned him sympathy and free food. But as it turns out, the sob story was all a lie.

Montana police say 33-year-old David Randall Lacey walked into a pizza restaurant with a bandana over his face and gave the clerk a note demanding money.

Unfortunately, the cash register only had less than $25 in it.

After realizing there was hardly any money, Lacey then broke down crying and told the clerk he needed the money to support his wife and children, who were hungry.

The compassionate clerk made him a large pepperoni pizza and some chicken wings as he waited, and then he left.

Investigators later found out Lacey doesn’t even have a wife or kids and apparently just needed some quick cash.

He should’ve thoroughly enjoy the snacks, because he’s subsequently been arrested and charged on suspicion of felony robbery with bail set at $25,000.

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