Man Gets DUI, Steals Ambulance, Then Tries to Steal Horses Article

This drunk just wanted to break every law possible before the cops caught him and spent solid time in the clink.

An injured drunken driver in Alabama was treated in a hospital when he left and stole an ambulance, tried to steal two horses and also stole two cars.

It all began when Matthew Anderson Todd, 24, was arrested for DUI after a car crash and was being taken to the hospital for treatment. Todd convinced the staff to go outside for a smoke break but ditched the cigarette, got into a running ambulance and drove away.

Police found the ambulance abandoned in a street the next morning and say Todd tried stealing a horse but did not know how to properly saddle it.

“He walked across a pasture and got into a barn where he tried to saddle up two horses,” police said.  “One was too wild for him and the other he appeared to be too intoxicated to properly saddle the horse.”

When that failed, Todd then stole a car, which he crashed. He found a second vehicle and drove home.

The next day, however, Todd started bleeding from his original injuries.  He returned to the hospital where he was recognized and then arrested.

Todd is charged with two counts of auto theft and one count of burglary. He’s being held on $7,500 bond.

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