Man Arrested for Attacking Gay Couple Walking a Pink Poodle Article

A man from Oregon attacked a gay couple because their poodle was dyed pink. Perhaps he hated pink and preferred another color.

George Mason, Jr,. 22, was driving his SUV when he saw David Beltier and boyfriend Jeremy Mark walking near a busy intersection in Hillsboro.

Reports say that Mason shouted homophobic slurs at the two men and rudely commented on their pink dog, saying that it was “un-American”.  He got out of his car and hit Beltier with his hand.  He then went back to his car, grabbed a wrench and used it to strike Beltier in the back of the head. He then got back behind the wheel and drove off.

Aside from a little painful bump on his head, Beltier was not seriously injured.  But he believed he could have died if he was hit hard enough.

“It just really hurts to know people are out there still like that. Who cares if my dog is pink. It’s not their dog. So leave me alone,” said Beltier.

Mason was charged with assault, intimidation, and unlawful use of a weapon and held at the Washington County Jail.

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