Italian Tourist Arrested at Steakhouse When He Forgets Wallet Article

It’s an “Oh s**t!” moment that has happened to most of us but it doesn’t, however, usually land us in jail.

An Italian tourist spent a night in jail when he forgot his wallet and was unable to pay his pricey meal at a posh New York steakhouse.

When his check of $208 arrived, Graziano Graziussi, 43, soon realized he had forgotten his wallet at his hotel. He asked the staff if he could run back to his hotel and return to pay the bill.  He offered to leave his iPhone as collateral, but the staff wasn’t buying it and called police.

The surprised tourist asked if he could have an escort uptown but police told him, “We’re not a taxi service.”

Graziussi instead gets a free trip to jail when he was arrested and charged with theft of services.

He was released the following morning after promising a judge he’ll show up in court the following week to pay the bill.

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