ID Cards


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Years ago, it was possible to go for long periods of time without needing to have an ID card at all. Today, however, ID cards are required on nearly a daily basis, and they can be applied in a variety of situations.

Situations in which an identification card can be useful:

  • You lost your official identification and do not have time to replace it
  • Your children need identification cards for safety
  • Elderly citizens not needing official identification or afraid of easily displacing it
  • Needing an ID without sensitive, personal information
  • Custom company/corporate ID’s
  • Read on for many more reasons…

Having an ID card can provide a number of unexpected benefits. For example, if you live in Texas and there is a special vacation offer for Texas residents, the company will need you to be able to prove that you’re from that state in order to qualify for the special price or offer. In this way, having an ID card can allow you to make the most out of special offers and can save you money.

It’s always a good idea to have more than one form of ID. Owning multiple ID cards is also a wise idea for the simple fact that things can and do get lost. It’s especially easy to lose an ID card because you have to use it so often. For example, car dealers report that they frequently find licenses in the bed of their photocopiers. This is because dealerships and car lots make a copy of your license or another form of photo ID if you take a test drive, and the card is often overlooked. Licenses as well as most ID cards are small and thin. ID cards being designed this way makes them convenient for carrying around due to their light weight and their ability to easily fit in any pocket, wallet, or purse. At the same time, however, this can make them just as susceptible to falling out unnoticed.

Losing your ID card should not be seen as a possibility, but as an unfortunate matter of time. Statistically, it will happen to you one day and it’s much more convenient to have an alternative ID card on hand than to suffer the consequences of losing or misplacing the only ID card you own. To replace a lost license, for example, you are typically required to gather all necessary paperwork, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, and stand in line for an unpredictable amount of time (assuming they’re even open). This isn’t something you can do at lightning speeds, and it’s not a process you conduct via phone, mail, or the internet. It gets even more complicated if you’ve had a traffic violation in the last four years and you might be required to take eye exams and endure other inconveniences. If you only need an ID card to gain access to a friend’s party, for example, but have to go through these lengthy procedures due to a simple misplacement, the benefits of having an alternative form of ID on hand may become immediately clear. It’s better to avoid all of these potential problems entirely by equipping yourself with at least one additional ID card.

When you receive your new ID card, don’t keep it in your wallet with your driver’s license and other documents. Wallets are easily misplaced, and you risk putting yourself back to square one if you aren’t always exercising adequate caution. Keep your new ID card separately so that if you do lose your wallet, you’ve still got a useful card which can prove your identity at any time. It’s a good idea with all your valuable documents to make a note of their serial numbers and the dates on which they expire. Further, it’s an excellent idea to make copies of important ID documents, but be warned that they must be kept in an extremely safe place. You don’t want to open yourself to the threat of identity theft. If there isn’t an adequately secure location to keep these documents in the home, make arrangements for it to be kept in a safe deposit box at your bank. With these precautions and your new ID card, you’ll be able to have peace of mind.

* Note that these ID cards are not government issued and cannot be used in instances where government issued identification is necessary. All customers are responsible to provide accurate information, there is no authentication of the information provided.