How The Grinch Stole Christmas Gifts… and Got Chased By Dogs Article

A man trying to steal Christmas gifts was chased by barking dogs out of the house.

As the residents were asleep upstairs, Timothy Devon Lawrence, 36, went inside a house at around 3 a.m. and loaded 18 packages in bins by the front door.

Lawrence also stuffed his bag with the homeowner’s PlayStation and Wii video game consoles, with total value of $1,000.

The homeowner opened the bedroom door as the barking dogs ran downstairs and chase the crook out of their home.

An officer had a police dog follow a scent and found Lawrence in the bushes one house south from the burglary site. He was covered in beggar weeds and wearing one sock.

Lawrence had a .380-caliber pistol in his waistband.

He was arrested on various charges including armed burglary, grand theft and possession of concealed weapon by a felon.

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