Good Cop, Fake Cop Article

A Florida man was arrested for dressing up too early for Halloween and impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Terence Leon Pitts, 28, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Jacksonville.  When Pitts was asked for identification, he patted his pockets and said “Oh man, I left my ID, my badge, and my gun in my locker at the station.”  Upon further questioning, he said his name is Special Agent Terence Dunbar and that he was an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Reports say that Pitts was wearing a DEA t-shirt and hancuffs on the back of this “duty style” belt.

In the middle of the interrogation, Pitts’ cellphone rang and the woman on the line told the deputy that she had recently met Pitts’ online.  She had the impression that he was a law enforcement agent because he was wearing a DEA t-shirt and handcuffs on his belt on their first in-person meeting.

The DEA did not have a match for the information that Pitts’ provided, which prompted the deputy to arrest him.  He was charged for impersonating an officer and held at Clay County Jail without bond.

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