Dumb Identity Thief Hands Waitress Her Own Stolen Driver’s License Article

When Brianna Priddy’s wallet was stolen, she thought she would never see her driver’s license again.

It was a nightmare for her because someone was already using her credit cards and writing bad checks under her name. As the crime was being investigated, she intended to move on with her life.

But Priddy, who works for an Applebee’s in Lakewood,Colorado, got a surprise two weeks later when a group of four people walked in and ordered drinks. When she asked them for identification, one of them handed her her own driver’s license. Priddy was looking at her own picture.

Priddy reacted calmly, returned the ID, and said she will be back with the drinks. She then called the cops and acted as normally as she could.

“I put on my server smile and tried to take care of them, but I was shaking,” Priddy said.

The police arrived and arrested the woman. Narcotics were also found in her possession. She was charged with theft, identity theft, and criminal impersonation. Her name has not been released pending the investigation.

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