Burglary Suspect Tackled by Man, 82 Article

Police just needed a “Miracle” to take down a burglary suspect, an 82-year-old one, that is.

Terry Miracle of Washington was in his garden when he noticed commotion and found out a burglar being chased down by police was approaching his house.

The suspect was looking back to see how close the police were and didn’t see Miracle, who was in position, getting ready to bust out a football move he learned from 65 years earlier in high school.

“He was looking back over his shoulder to see where they were, and he turned around the corner of the house and he was coming at me just like the runners used to do when I played football,” Miracle said.

Miracle then ran towards the man, who stopped, and that’s when he launched a “cross-body block.”

“I started running towards him, and he stopped as I launched my cross-body block. I had misjudged. I was counting on him continuing to run so I would hit him. When he stopped he got kind of tangled up in his feet. I kicked out my knee, as I always did with a cross-body block, and caught his knee with my knee. He went down and so did I,” Miracle said.

The suspect got up and started running again. But that gave police just enough time to catch up and arrest the felon, who was one-third his age.

Miracle said he is a little sore but otherwise OK.

Police arrested 27-year-old Morgan Perry Bluehorse, a convicted felon with a long criminal history.

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