Burglar Covers Face With Bucket After He Forgets Mask Article

All dressed in camouflage and a pair of gloves, a burglar heads to break into a store thinking he had the perfect disguise.

The burglar showed up at Kenney’s Seafood and was aware of the surveillance cameras. He soon realized he left the most important element of his disguise, his mask. To remain anonymous, the man grabbed a bucket and covered his head as he went around the store for money.

He may have improvised, but it didn’t work as well as a mask. The cameras still caught glimpses of his face and identified the culprit.

The man behind the bucket was identified as 23-year-old Richard Boudreaux, a former employee.

Investigators say he also tried to break into Jerry’s Buy and Sell Pawn Shop with no luck.

Police arrested Boudreaux and charged him with two counts of simple burglary.

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