Bridge Worker Accused of Kissing Lady Driver Article

A young lady who stopped at a tollbooth on her way to work was stunned when the bridge worker leaned into her car through an open window and planted one on her lips.

Dean Alison Porter, 66, a former bridge commissionaire in Nova Scotia, Canada, is on trial for sexual assault.

The woman was on her way to work a night shift when she approached the booth to pay a toll.

Porter had been standing on a concrete island at the toll booth and she gave a little wave to the commissionaire. She stopped her car thinking he might step in front of it.

The woman alleged Porter placed his left hand on top of her car, bent down, put his head in the window and kissed her.

The man claimed he lost his balance and fell into her car, resulting in his lips touching hers.

“No, he didn’t stumble,” the woman insisted.

Bridge security cameras captured the incident wherein a little car was stopping, a commissionaire bending down to the car, then standing up, and the car remaining in place for a few seconds before driving off. The incident reportedly lasted less than 30 seconds.

“I was shocked … really stunned!” said the woman.

The trial continues.

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