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Batman Charged for Trespassing

A man who dressed up as Batman was arrested for interfering with officials as they searched for the driver of a hit-and-run accident.

Bruce Wayne’s long lost cousin, Mark Wayne Williams, 33, of Michigan, was charged with simple trespass after a plea deal.

He received 30 days in jail and was credited for two days of jail time served. Five of those will be done in community service and 23…

Stuck on You: Man Puts Glue on Ex-Girlfriend’s Belongings

A man was arrested after leaving a woman in a sticky situation inside her apartment.

An unidentified woman called the cops and reported a break-in inside her home and discovered her refrigerator door and utensil drawer were glued shut. The culprit also had poured glue all over her computer keyboard.

Police suspected her ex-boyfriend, Dennis Michael Homberg, 42, of the glue-som…