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Woman Attempts Two Bank Robberies in One Day

It was just not a lucky day for a lady who robbed two banks in suburban New York City, who was left empty handed and was sent to jail.

A woman walked in a TD Bank in Long Island and went to the teller’s window, demanding $5,000. But the teller directed the suspect to a customer services representative, police said.

She did what was told and sat down at the representative’s desk. T…

Inmates Costing NYC $111M in Lawsuits

In the past five years, $111.1 million in lawsuits have been won by New York’s Rikers Island inmates.

The New York Post said in an exclusive report the situation is “out of control”, with payouts including “frivolous” suits.

These are mostly settlements to not take these lawsuits to trial as it will be more expensive, or simply to make these suits go away.

A source at the jail told…