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Employee Throws Big Party for Boss, Lands in Jail for Embezzlement

Every employee in the world thinks he should be paid more.

A woman from Boca Grande, Fla, took it upon herself to give herself an unauthorized raise. Ruth C. Amen, 46, lived a luxurious lifestyle that others thought she could not afford on her salary.

Then Amen made a mistake that lead to her arrest. She threw a lavish surprise party for her boss and did not expect that the biggest surpris…

Teen Sets Ex-girlfriend’s House on Fire

If you can’t keep the fire burning in your relationship, it’s not a reason to set an old flame’s house on fire.

A Florida teen, Angus Bishop Anderson, was responsible for burning down a Seagrove Beach home, which belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s family.

The 19-year-old was reportedly devastated over the recent break up.

He is charged with arson, burglary, grand theft and crimina…

Wallet Thief Left His Own Wallet at Crime Scene

A 47-year-old man accused of stealing wallets from women’s purses is in jail because he forgot his own wallet and ID at the scene of the crime.

Stephen Eric Maxwell frequented bars and restaurants in Florida to meet women and then stealing wallets from their purses when they were distracted. Until one night, Maxwell was chatting up a woman in a bar, who then danced with someone else on t…

Pilot Sees Theft at Own House From The Air

A pilot was on a leisurely flight and wanted to get an aerial view of his house when he caught a man stealing his trailer.

The homeowner, David Zehntner, was flying his private airplane over his home in Glades County when he saw a man attaching a 6×12 trailer to his truck and sped off.

He followed the truck while contacting the police to report the robbery. Police was able to get t…

Man Stole From Salon and Left Cellphone

Burglars will learn from 26-year-old Kenneth Plummer to always check their belongings before leaving a crime scene.

He was arrested by Florida Police after stealing $600 cash from a nail salon, but unwittingly dropped and left his cellphone.

After the heist, he was seen casually having breakfast at a diner beside the salon, counting his money.

Later that day, Plummer was busted after a…

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Gifts… and Got Chased By Dogs

A man trying to steal Christmas gifts was chased by barking dogs out of the house.

As the residents were asleep upstairs, Timothy Devon Lawrence, 36, went inside a house at around 3 a.m. and loaded 18 packages in bins by the front door.

Lawrence also stuffed his bag with the homeowner’s PlayStation and Wii video game consoles, with total value of $1,000.

The homeowner opened t…