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Man Arrested After Waving Sex Toy at Convenience Store Customers

A deputy arrived at a convenience store after a clerk called to report a drunk man selling and waving a sex toy in the store.

Roger Brent McCormick, 46, was seen approaching customers and trying to sell them a “dildo”. The clerk asked him to leave and they argued.

McCormick then stood outside waving a ‘dildo’ and handcuffs in the window for employees and customers to see.

The deputy…

Man Calls Mom For Getaway Ride After Attempted Robbery

A man was arrested in Florida after trying to rob a convenience store and then calling his mom for a ride home.

Zachariah Dalton Howard, 22, walked in to a convenience store wearing a long black coat, hoodie and blue jeans, and told the clerk he had a gun, though he didn’t actually show one.

However, the clerk showed him an empty register, and Howard left the store empty-handed. He called…