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Category: animal cruelty

Man Accused of Killing Roommate’s Fish

Saying goodbye is not so easy. But a Brooklyn, N.Y, man took it really hard.

Jose Santiago, 47, was accused of killing his roommate’s fish after she started packing to leave him.

Brenda Alvarez said she decided to leave their Nostrand Avenue apartment because she and Santiago have grown apart. Although they have known each other since they were children, she said she can no longer bear…

Woman Arrested After Riding a Manatee

A woman didn’t realize a fun ride with a manatee was a bad idea until cops showed up at her workplace and told her it was illegal.

For a couple of months, police have been tracking the woman in the picture riding the endangered sea animal in Florida.

The woman claimed she did not know of any law prohibiting anyone to touch the endangered species.

Florida’s Manatee Sanctuary Act…