Animal Control Officer Dispute With Nun Over Chihuahua Article

A 1-year-old Chihuahua was the rope in a tug o’war battle against an elderly nun and an animal control officer.

Just before Christmas, animal control officer Lori Michelle Holland, 41, had put up her pup, Mojo, for adoption and was taken by an 82-year-old disabled nun, Rosa DiCesare, who had reportedly been recovering from triple-bypass plus recent hip surgery.

Holland soon changed her mind and showed up at the nun’s house to take the pooch back. The nun, however, had fallen in love with Mojo, too, and was unwilling to give him up.

They argued for the next 30 minutes with the nun calling Holland “a cheat, a liar and a crook.”

The heated discussion led into a tug-of-war over the dog, with the two women pulling back and forth. The nun, fearing the pooch would be hurt, let go of Mojo.

The nun filed a complaint a few days later and Holland was arrested, accused of robbery and burglary.  DiCesare was pleased to get her Mojo back.

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